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All About CampStaffNurses

First, A Little History:

15 years ago, we custom-designed the world's first two-way recruiting tool for summer camps and potential camp counselors. CampStaff has remained at the top of that industry ever since, due in large part to the fact that we elicit and respond to feedback from our camp clients. Some of that very feedback has led us to develop this new site, devoted to helping camps with the difficult task of finding great health care professionals for their camps.

Here's How It Works

In short, CampStaffNurses offers an efficient and affordable method of locating, evaluating and contacting potential members of your camp health care staff.

A prospective nurse visits our Web site and completes a simple but comprehensive registration form. It's like a combined job application and camper inquiry form (if he/she is interested in coming to camp with children.) A sample form is available later in this Guided Tour.

Once registered, the applicant can now elect to search for camps using a variety of criteria. For example: Jane Doe wants to work in New England at a coed camp that serves a special needs population. Jane does a search and then browses through the results, reviewing camp profiles and going to their websites. She decides on a few camps that appeal to her and with a simple click of her mouse she sends her profile to those camps. Using this profile, you can determine how desirable Jane is as a lead and how best to pursue her.

The Last Word: Efficiency

Why place expensive print ads in newspapers and nursing publications when we've done that for you? It's a simple economy of scale, allowing us to bring qualified and interested health care staff to our site for you to hire!

We do more than find them. We also automate the filtering process for you. When people contact you through CampStaffNurses, they already know a lot about your camp, and your staffing needs & requirements. When you're conducting the search, you separate the wheat from the chaff by simply reading staff profiles. No unnecessary expenditure of time or money, and no following dead-end leads.

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