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The most important thing to know about this searcher is that it's really flexible. You can use the options as little or as much as you'd like.

The more criteria you specify, the more you narrow down your search. In fact, submitting a search with no keyword and no categories selected will simply return our entire database of job candidates.

Using categories within the Camp Preferences section lets you select only those candidates that are looking for your type of camp, in your part of the country. Every job seeker who registers with us submits extensive personal information about themselves. Currently, you may use category selection to find candidates of a certain gender and with specific skills and certifications. Using the keywords field gives you full-text searching of job seekers' personal information. You can always use this to find a particular person in our database by name, address or school. Enter camp activities or job titles to locate someone to fill your specific needs.

Category fields are joined with "OR"s within category groups and "AND"s between category groups. In other words, checking the boxes "West Coast", "Sleep-Away", "Arts", "WSI", and "CPR" will search
(West Coast) AND (Sleep-Away) AND (Co-Ed) AND (WSI OR CPR)

and will turn up the following:
All candidates (regardless of gender) certified in either WSI or CPR who are seeking co-ed sleep-away camps on the West Coast, regardless of specialty.

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