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How To Find Nurses

Shown below is the profile of a sample job seeker. As you can see, we find out quite a bit about them. This information is made available to you through a simple online search interface, and when nurses contact you via email.

The searching process is similar to what you've seen for job candidates to find your camp. Search across multiple categories (eg show me all LPN certified nurses seeking a co-ed camp in New England). Add keywords to be even more specific about the qualifications of candidate.

The lists that result give you a quick look at candidates profiles. Following links leads to full resumes including all of the information you see below, and more.

Okay, now you know what we're all about. Before signing up, you'll want to look at our ... Pricing Information.

SAMPLE Job Candidate Online Profile
U.R. Healthy
School Nurse, Happy Valley Middle School

Current Address
27 Chester Avenue
Larchmont, MA 18520    
(413) 555-4880
Permanent Address
27 Chester Avenue
Larchmont, MA 18520
(413) 555-4880

Gender: female

Earliest available start date: 2006-06-01
Latest available end date: 2006-08-31

Date of registration with CampStaffNurses: Feb 08, 2006
Last updated: Feb 19, 2006

Personal Statement:
(Here is where you'll find the heart of the candidate's profile. Why he/she wants to work at camp, what kind of goals and expectations he/she has for the summer, the type of camp he/she is looking for, etc.)

Health Care Experience and Work With Children:
96-98: Pediatric ER Nurse Internship
99-present: Middle School Nurse

U.R. Healthy has the following certifications:
EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), RN (Registered Nurse)

Information about camp-age children:
(You will have access to the age, grade and gender of any children the candidate wanted to bring to camp, along with a description of their needs and interests.)

This candidate belongs to the following categories:
Candidates Seeking Academic Camps, Candidates Seeking Canada Camps, Candidates Seeking Co-Ed Camps, Female Candidates, Candidates Seeking Mid-Atlantic Camps, Candidates Seeking New England Camps, Candidates Seeking Sleep-away Camps, Candidates Seeking Sports Camps, and Candidates Seeking Traditional Camps

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