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Finding Camps

There are two ways to find camps. The first is called browsing. Browsing lets you look through entire categories of camps, such as all camps in New England. You can browse all the information that we have about each camp in our database. To browse camps, start at our top-level browsing page. Non-registered job seekers have access to a smaller set of data for each camp than registered users.

The second and most powerful way to find camps is to use our search form. Search for camps using the criteria of your choosing. Registered candidates can send their personal information directly to camps, using our exclusive emailing services. Have a look at this sample CampStaffNurses Search Form.

SAMPLE Search Form
Camp Location: (Select at least one)
West Coast (WA, OR, CA, HI, AK)
Southwest (NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM, TX)
Central (MT, ID, WY, ND, SD, NE, KS)
Midwest (MN, WI, MI, IA, IL, IN, OH, MO)
New England (CT, MA, RI, NH, VT, ME)
Mid-Atlantic (DC, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY)
Southeast (VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL)
South (AL, MS, AR, LS, TN, KY, OK)


Camp Type:
Sleep-Away     Day Camp

Gender Make-Up:
Boys Only     Girls Only     Co-Ed     Brother/Sister Camps

Camp Specialty:

    Religious - Christian
Religious - Jewish
Special Needs
Sports - General
    Sports - Specialty
Accredited by the American Camping Association

I Have the Following Certification(s):
CNA (Nursing Assistant)
Certified Athletic Trainer
Current Nursing Student
EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
Graduate Nurse
LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)
MA (Medical Assistant)
MD (Physician)
NP (Nurse Practioner)
PA (Physician's Assistant)
PT (Physical Therapist)
RN (Registered Nurse)
Student Athletic Trainer
WFA (Wilderness First Aid)

You may enter one or more keywords, with a space between words. Matches are sought in camp names, addresses, brief descriptions and the list of jobs they're looking to fill (e.g. find camps looking for Jewish staff by entering the keyword Jewish). This field is optional.

Do you want to find entries that have:
All your keywords, in any order, or that exact phrase?
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Camps Can Find You

You can also let the camps come to you! Camps can become members of the CampStaffNurses program and use our website to find you in our database. Since they can see your qualifications, interests, and skills even before they contact you, you will only hear from camps who are genuinely interested in you!

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Contacting Camps

After searching or browsing the camp database, you will find a list of camps that match your criteria. Brief descriptions are available in this list view. Clicking on a camp's name will take you to their info-page.

Info-Pages contain all the information you need to know about a summer camp, including a link to their own website, if they have one. You should look carefully through their camp profile and staffing needs before getting in touch with them. Click here for an idea of what camp info-pages look like.

With our automated resume sender, all you need to do to contact a camp is to click on a single button at the bottom of their info-page. That will send them your complete profile, directly to their email boxes. Because we work closely with our camp clients, we can ensure that you're presenting yourself to these prospective employees in a format that they prefer.

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